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Memoria Church


Right next to Memória Church, a lesser known but extraordinarily beautiful chapel in Lisbon designed by the Italian architect Giovanni Bibienna, we discovered the perfect location for Wine & Books Lisboa Hotel, an intimate and charming boutique hotel, which is really an open window onto Portugal’s golden years.

Find authentic Lisbon neighbourhoods and its people, and tour through centuries of culture and memory: the city’s most majestic attractions are just around the corner.

From the golden years of the Discoveries, immortalized in the limestone of the Jerónimos Monastery or Belém Tower, head to the ultramodern Lisbon of the CCB (Belém Cultural Center), MAAT (Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology) and the Champalimaud Foundation, with its suggestive lines of metal and ceramic.

Discover a tale of two Lisbons, living side by side. The city’s history is palpable, breathable and, more importantly, it’s right at your feet, ready to be lived.



From architecture to decorative details, find the richness of the city and its characters in every detail of your stay.

The protagonist is, of course, the incredible Lisbon light, which bathes the hotel with its unique, vibrant, and unmistakable hue.

Feel it in one of the 24 rooms overlooking the typical Ajuda neighbourhood, the sublime skyline of the city, or the breathtaking Memória Church.

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Wine Bar

If there is a place in the world that invites you to a refreshing cocktail or a lengthy and heartfelt glass of wine, Lisbon is certainly at the top of the list. For all the little moments and pleasures that make up unforgettable days and trips, visit The Bar and enjoy.
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In a clear tribute to Memória Church, Tasca da Memória aims to be a monument to Portuguese gastronomic heritage. The ideal place to sample delicacies that you’ve always heard about, and that you won’t be able to get out of your head.
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Spa break

Our spa is a tempting oasis of well-being, which all guests can access when they’re looking for moments of pure relaxation, whether in the Turkish bath, sauna, or contrast bath.

If the city is demanding too much of you, treat yourself to a relaxing massage of your choice.

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